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Are you playing in our FREE to enter slot tournaments? would like some FREE flutters?

Well if you are in the below list you already have one, there is in the region of £100 that is unaccounted for. Can you afford to not let us know who you are? Get in touch now to discuss how much you have for the upcoming live show at Roxy Amusements…

If you fail to we reserve the right the donate the Flutters to charity… get in touch now…

More information about the Free to enter tournaments can be found on our dedicated blog page


Could this be the best FOBT in the world?

Could this be the best

FOBT in the world


If you have a better suggestion use the contact option below to let me know your thoughts, and you never know your suggestions just might be used…

What would your dream line up be?

What your dream FOBT? CAshman_eq

Email your suggestions Here

All the above titles are already available from CAshman_eq on your Android device

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Oh’ Barry Island whats Occurring?

Oh Barry Island Whats Occuring

We are currently in the first week’s FREE to enter tournament for our Barry Island campaign.

Where in association with Retro Arcade Machine, CAshman_eq slot app players can win themselves FREE flutters, which can then be converted into real money on our Live YouTube shows.

Find details here of past, present and future campaigns, along with everything you could ever wish to know about how to get involved. If there is anything I have missed then be sure and get in touch here

View Current Campaign and Tournament details

View Current Campaign and Tournament details

Will you be the next Big Winner?

I do hope so


Keep It Reel with CAshman_eq Slots


Its Here : Cops N Robbers – First Sneak Peak Video

Nothing more to say here guys. So without further ado…

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Cops N Robbers Club Coming soon to Android

Cops N Robbers Club Coming soon to Android


FREE to Enter, CAsh prize tournament


Even Tony is getting involved

First off, congratulations to the winners of the Avengers Infinity War tickets tournaments. If you were a winner and have not yet get in touch then please do so now to arrange your prizes


Retro Arcade Machine LogoWill be launching a new Tournament this evening….

Retro Arcade Machine Onetec Flutter Tournament

100% FREE to enter and could end up winning a prize…

If you wish to play get in touch by one of the following means

Contact me CAshman_eq: Here

Visit Retro Arcade Machine On Facebook: Here

Visit Retro Arcade Machine on YouTube: Here

Hope to hear from you all soon


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Bullion Bars : Login Error

Morning All

I just wanted to make you all aware that there has been an issue with the Bullion Bars app identified this morning.

An updated version of the app has now been uploaded to Google Play and will hopefully be available soon. Anyone who is having an issue where they are unable to get to the main menu with the below screens looping on the screen instead should in the first instance check for updates to the app. The latest version 9 will fix the problem.

In the meantime, if you wish to play drop me a mail to and I will put in place a temporary fix for the issue.

Kind regards


Bullion Bars For Android

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year : From CAshman_eq

Hi guys

Hope you are all well?


Well, that’s Christmas and New Year done for another year? All that remains is for us all to wish for a better one than the last. However, there is no need for the new year blues for all us Android-wielding Retro slot machine fans. Like my spirit creature, the Honey Badger no F&%k’s at this point should be given, not on my watch…

To get the ball rolling I have a picture to wet your appetite, it may only be a picture but she paints 1000 oh so beautiful words.

Bullion Bars For Android

Bullion Bars For Android (Coming Soon)

Rest assured it won’t be long, initially in an online community version, with all the associated benefits including being fully tournament ready. It will also later be available in an offline version (Along with Hokey Cokey yes guys I am listening and they will both follow, sorry HC has been so long).

I will keep you posted and myself and Retro look forward to seeing you all playing on this new slot soon.

Happy New Year 


Retro Arcade Machine

Bullion Bars For Android

Bar Humbug : Community and Offline Slots Available Now

Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Is now available in online and offline versions. On both the Amazon and the Google Play app stores

This is an Astra style slot, with classic features like the Magic Nudges seen on PartyTime and the like. With a Christmas twist.

In the build-up to the big day, there will be a different maximum payout percentage in Party % Mode every day. I’m not going to tell you how big the percentages are nor when the sweet spots are. Suffice to say they are there and just wait for you to take advantage of them.

Bar Humbug Christmas Slot by CAshman_eq

So whether you want to play against others, maybe even taking in a Tournament along the way to win real prizes with no entrance fee, just in time for Christmas. Or you wish to play the slot stand alone where the only restriction is how Hardcore you are then Bar Humbug really has everything you could ever want this festive season.

The app can be downloaded from the following app stores in which every version you like….

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Amazon app store

Available to download from the Amazon app store

While I have your attention and in case I don’t get the chance again before the big day… I would like to take the opportunity to that everyone who has tried and enjoyed my slots. Your amazing feedback and kind words makes it all worthwhile. So thank you all and Merry Christmas to you and your Families.

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Bar Humbug Christmas Slot By CAshman_eq

Really Exciting News: For All CAshman_eq Slot Fans…

CAshman_eq's Reel World

CAshman_eq’s Reel World

I am very proud to announce the launch of my latest app, and I hope the answer to all our prayers.

If you enjoy CAshman_eq apps and have always worried that you don’t have the latest apps, or that you are missing out on something, like Tournaments?… Then fear no more this app will set all these fears to rest.

With this app, you will have access to…

♦ All of CAshman_eq’s Apps, all in the one place – Even new releases

♦ Easy Install and Launch of Community & Offline Slots

♦ Complete integration into our Free to enter Tournaments with Reel Prizes (in association with Retro Arcade Machine)

• Details of current Tournaments
• Details of your performance in current Tournaments (Including Leaderboard Access)
• Points of contact

♦ Links to a wealth of support documents my blog (Support pages, playing tips, privacy policies)

♦ Get in Contact with CAshman_eq or Retro Arcade Machine

♦ Latest News

♦ Link to all other CAshman_eq apps

I cannot impress upon you how much easier this app will make all our lives. If you like my apps Download Now you will not regret it

As always if I can do anything else for You please get in touch.

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