CAshman_eq Slot Tournaments Welcome

Hello and welcome to CAshman_eq's Tournaments page.

Where you can start earning real prizes 100% free of charge just by playing CAshman_eq's Community Slots.

On this page, I am going to cover everything you could ever need to know to get involved with our tournaments...

Let's start by looking at the apps you can play

Satrting with this bad boy.

CAshman_eq's Reel World App

Reel World Icon

This app is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to participate in the tournaments. From here you can

  • Leave / Join Tournaments
  • Find Out What Tournaments Are Currently Running
  • View Leaderboard and Own Progress
  • View Complete Catalogue of Available Apps
  • Receive Notifications
  • Contact CAshman_eq

The app is available from the Google Play Store, and really is the first step to getting you up and running in the tournaments. I really cannot stress this highly enough. I will go into more detail about using it later on but for now I would recommend installing it and logging in (creating an app account along the way if you do not yet have one.

Next we are doing to look at the apps you can play

Community Slots That Add To Tournament Scores

Community Slots For Android by CAshman_eq
Community Slots
Around The Town Slot For Android by CAshman_eq
Cops N Robbers Club
Frank N Stein
Hokey Cokey
Bar Humbug
Golden Game

Now we know what you can play...

How do you get involved?

If you are already playing any of the above apps you are already doing the hard bit. But before you play another spin more, lets get you enrolled in the tournament. To do this you will need the Reel World App mentioned above, have a quick watch of the below video for details...

How do you stay involved?

Now that you are enrolled how do you know what is happening? How do you know how well you are doing?  Here I will quickly detail a couple of useful tools to help you out.

Below I will detail each long with what you can expect to find in each location

Retro Arcade Machine On Facebook

Facebook Group

Here you will find anything and everything you could ever want to know about the tournaments. This is briefly mentioned in the above video but can also be accessed from here.

Here you can expect to find...

  • Latest Campaign &  Tournament details
  • Live show's
  • Start dates, end dates, prizes, winners
  • New Slot details
  • Tournament chat
  • Links to everything CAshman
  • Contact Us


Reel World Icon

Reel World App

This app is a must-have for all tournament players.

Within the app, you will find the following...

  • Join / Leave Tournaments
  • Link To Facebook Group
  • Current Tournament details
  • Current Live Leaderboard
  • Complete Catalogue of CAshman_eq slots
  • Useful Links
  • Contact Us
  • Notifications

Current Campaign & Tournament Information

Current Campaign information can be found by visiting our dedicated Facebook group...

Historic Campaign & Tournament Information

Historic Campaign and Tournament information can be found using the below link....

View Historic Campaign and Tournament details