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Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Welcome to Bar Humbug, CAshman_eq’s take on the classic Astra slots PartyTime and Hokey Cokey.

Well if Astra can just keep reskinning slots… badly, then why can’t I :-p

Well, I say badly CAshman_eq don’t make bad slots, be sure and check it out for yourself.

When you think about it, it’s amazing just how much of Christmas we leave to the vagaries of pure, blind luck.
10pm on Christmas Eve, and you’re taking a gamble that some shop, somewhere, selling anything at all, is open for business. If you’re lucky, there’ll still be a convenience store willing to take your money and you can buy your beloved partner a £1.99 bottle of cava and ten packets of Frazzles. Season’s greetings, darling: you’re worth this much. If you’ve lucked out then the only thing scattered beneath the tree next morning will be your very bones.
There’s an excitement to trying your arm at the most wonderful time of the year, and The Great Frazzles Lottery is only one of the ways to introduce an element of risk into your festivities. I mean, try flipping the e-coli turkey coin! Will half-mad old Auntie Kathleen have cooked the dinner properly this year? Or not? The only way to find out is to sample the delights set out in front of you, and see whether you wake up on a drip in an under-funded NHS ward this time tomorrow.
Don’t forget, too, the lyrics of everybody’s favourite Christmas tune ‘Here Comes Santa Claus.’ Hang your stockings and say your prayers ‘cos Santa Claus comes tonight…
Makes you wonder what sort of Father Christmas is emptying his sacks in bedrooms throughout the nation. Good Santa? Or Bad Santa? Say your prayers, and keep your fingers crossed that everything’s going to be okay.
See, the problem with risk is that it’s all so, uh… risky. But what if you could have all the spine-tingling nervousness of trusting everything to fate but without any of the downside? What if you could have your Christmas cake and eat it?
Happily, there is a way, and it removes all the risk of retailers locking their doors, turkey so undercooked it’s practically still alive, and old, bearded men carrying out arrestable offences.
Thanks to CAshman_eq, the festive gamble is on with Bar Humbug, the Yuletide-themed slot-machine simulation for your Android device. 30p in, keep your fingers crossed, and up to a fiver comes back out, so long as you’ve behaved yourself all year. There’s seasonal music, a laughing Father Christmas, and that feeling of chancing it that you got as a child when you’re careening down an icy hill on a black bin-bag with no way of steering. Or stopping. You can compete against other like-minded slot lovers in the community version, too. Who will be this year’s Christmas Number One? You gotta be in it to win it!
Best of all, it’s totally free. No real money ever changes hands, but the feeling that only comes but once a year can now be yours every day.
Take the risk out of Christmas with Bar Humbug, available NOW, and spin the reels to your heart’s content. Either that, or you’ll just have to ho-ho-hope there’s still a bottle of cava left somewhere.

In this slot play the quite depressing (but hopefully in an amusing way) lower reels, governed by his miserableness old Ebenezer. But fear not much to his protesting every now and then a little bit of Christmas magic will happen. Where you will be propelled away on Santas sleigh to the top reels. Where magical things can happen.

Lower Reels

Feature Answer Emulated?
Number Of Reels 6 (3 Bottom & 3 Top) Yes
Nudges Yes (Always Awards 3) Yes
Magic Nuges / Nudge Setups Yes – Nudges in wins from anything up to 5 nudges away Yes
Nudge Holds Spins in a winning combination the same as fruits on winline… Or Better Yes
Holds Yes Yes
3 Holds (Same Symbols) Matches Pair Yes
Feature Entry Ramdomly  awarded with win on lower reels Yes

Magic Nudges are one of the quirks of this slot. Would you think that 3 nudges shown below would get you a win that is actually 4 spaces away? Well as with Partytime this slot will.

PartyTime Magic Nudges

PartyTime Magic Nudges

Well, they do and Astra calls them Magic Nudges. There are many different setups that allow these nudges on all wins, be it X’s or Bars/Astras and believe it or not there are actually a double fingers number of setups on the Jackpot itself. Through playing this game you will come to learn all about, and all of these setups, which you can then use in the real world, they are all here for you to learn about.

Bear in mind with the above these same setups work on the whole Astra Range

PartyTime Classic
PartyTime Arena

PartyTime Bingo

Party Games


They are also still just as relevant to the latest slots Astra are releasing. As they are generally titled imaginatively like “Classic PartyTime”. Where they still use the exact same reel layout’s and thus nudge setups and combinations. Personally, I think this is because the older machines are getting on now, so they need replacing. Why would anyone upset a formula that has worked for so long? Just make new machines that do the exact same thing. Fair play to them I say, at least they aren’t doing the Bell-Fruit thing where they take the best bits of the slot, throw them away and then polish up a turd from what is left.

Top Reels / Feature

Here you have the chance to make the big money, or not in my little dabble below.

Bar Humbug Top Reels

Rest assured the biggie will come 🙂

Playing at the same stake as the bottom reels, you are guaranteed at least one win, but you will in most cases will a whole heap more.

As I’m sure we have all seen these machines are renowned for going crazy and paying out Jackpot after Jackpot after Jackpot.

App Playing Advice

Enhanced % mode This mode is very similar to 101% mode on my other slots. But in this case, it gives you a random payout percentage of generally between 101 and 120%. However, with this special edition over the Christmas Period (Dec 1st to January 5th) you will receive some eye-watering percentages on this slot. Can you find it?

● Go crazy (you will never be asked for any money!) – it’s entirely free to play. By the same logic, you will also never receive any winnings. It is purely a look and feel simulation, purely for fun.

Below are a couple of videos to help you get up and running with your new slot. Should you need anything further please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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