Shhhh It’s 101% / Party % Mode

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Party / 101% Mode

All of CAshman_eq’s slot machine app’s work on one premise. So let’s take one moment to go over that premise and what it means for the average slot machine player….

In the real world, slot machines work on one basic principle. Of all money that goes into the slot machine, only the stated percentage will ever come out again.

Take for example a typical slot machine that pays out at a rate of 80%

Every £1 coin you put in only 80p comes back out…. Eventually

End of story, no ifs, no buts, no maybe’s.

It does not matter if you think you have a secret trick, or you know how to play the machine the same premise is always true.


In the end that 20p per £1 put in goes straight into the pub, club or arcades back pocket. CAshman_eq’s slots play in the same way. If you want to read more about this subject then have a read of this article.

However its only in CAshman_eq’s arcade that you can have a taste of the good life. Where you can activate 101% pay-out mode or Party % pay-out mode. Imagine you found a fruit machine that actually pays out more than you put in. Every 100p you put in over 100p comes out, all the time.

What difference would it make?

How would the machine play in comparison?

Well, this functionality allows you to find out…

How do I activate 101% / Party % mode?

  1. Open the game screen
  2. Click a banner style advert (Top or bottom of screen)
  3. Allow the advert to load
  4. Press back

Upon re-entering the app you will find that the payout percentage on the game has changed from the 80% default.

On slots with 101% mode, the percentage will have changed to 101%

On slots with Party % mode, the percentage will be a random amount between 101% and 120%. This percentage will also change each time you reopen a slot.


This feature can be especially useful on my machines that allow you to earn a Free Upgrade to the app. It can also be used when playing in our FREE to Enter Tournaments, with Retro Arcade Machine. More cash flowing around means more will come out.

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