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So we already know about all the amazing things Retro and his channel do. But did you also know that he runs free-to-enter Tournaments, which reward you for doing the one thing you already love doing…



Slots on your Android device

Q. So how do I know what tournaments are on at present?

And what are the Prizes?

A. The best way is to download the CAshman_eq REEL WORLD app. From here you will be able to view which tournaments are ongoing. If you so desire you can then get in touch to join this – and future – tournaments. Once you have joined the Tournament you will then be able to view the full leaderboard and track your own progress. Prizes are generally what we term flutters. These are a cash value which will be put into a slot of your choice on one of our live shows. What comes out you can take as CAsh (The amounts MUST be put through a slot on the live show at least once before withdrawal).

Q. So how the heck does this work again?

A. There are 2 types of Tournaments that Retro might run….

  1. Cumulative Tournament: Where all your wins add to your score regardless of your losses.
  2. Overall CAsh Increase: Where your overall profitability is measured

Click either title above for a more in-depth explanation

Q. There is no such thing as a Free Lunch, where is the catch?

A. No Catch, just CAsh – but we would appreciate you spreading the word about Retro’s channel, as you can see in the Terms and Conditions. Scratch his back and help the channel grow and he and the Prize Master will keep the prizes coming.

Q. So how do I get involved?

A. Contact Me Here, or you can use one of the methods of contact inside the Community App’s to get in touch. Supply your CAshman_eq Community App username, I will get you added to the tournament. Then all you need do is play the slots and watch your score grow. Everything is 100% free to play and you could win a prize for FREE.


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