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Welcome to the wonderful world of Retro Arcade Machine, a Twitch (formerly YouTube) channel run by a gent named Jamie. He and his family love nothing more than entertaining the Retro Gaming fans of the internet with Fruit machines, slot machines and Video games from the last five decades.

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Whether it be his partner in crime “Sassy Mamma”, keeping him well and truly in line, or his daughter “Retro Princess” playing such games as “Roblox”, the future of historical games is well-covered.

For the gaming fans amongst us, with “Retro Princess” smashing it up on the modern classics, and “Retro” himself bossing it on one of his 4000-strong collection of classics LIVE you cannot fail to be entertained.

In conjunction with yours truly we are now offering his subscribers the chance to play in Slot Tournaments, using amongst other things CAshman_eq’s authentic slot simulations. Audience participation is taken to the next level as you battle for one of the prizes on offer, and it’s all 100% free to enter!

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Jamie also runs frequent Quizzes on his Live Streams, where again the audience can get involved. Quizzes can be on any subject, are usually picked by the users themselves, and you can bag yourself spot prizes and RAM Bucks towards your current tournament score.

Again putting the audience at the center of everything he does, Jamie runs “Viewer’s Choice” sessions, where his loyal followers are entered into the Slot Picker. This picks a name at random, and the winner gets to choose the next slot to be played on the Live show from one of the thousands in his collection. When a Live Tournament is underway, incentives are often put on the sessions, allowing you to win Bonus RAM Bucks towards your tournament score.

Whats going on with Retro Arcade Machine, Right Now…

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Maybe you like to dabble in the Arcades or Family Entertainment Centres? If so, check out the frequent Live Streams where Retro and the Prize Master take over an arcade, and you get to choose which slots he plays: live! The power is in your hands – will the Prize Master be lighting his fag from a burning roll of used, non-sequential 20’s, or will he just have to STOP when the FUN STOPS? Whatever the outcome, rest assured with Retro at the helm a good time will be had by all.

Aside from the Live Arcade streams Retro also embarks on Arcade Tours, where he’ll go to all and any far-flung last coastal resort in search of the elusive Retro Arcade Machines!

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Retro Arcade Machine

Where can I find Retro Arcade Machine?

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Want to get involved in the Tournaments?

Contact CAshman_eq by email on my Contact Page, providing your CAshman_eq community slot user ID. I will add you, Done. Just play the apps normally and you will see the score racking up 🙂

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