Retro Arcade Machine : Cumulative Tournament

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Cumulative Tournament

This tournament type is based purely on the amounts that you win, ignoring any losses. It uses the below formula…

(End Cumulative Win ValueStart Cumulative Win Value) + Bonus

When the tournament starts a snapshot is taken of your Start Cumulative Win Value balance. You then play the tournament to its conclusion, when another snapshot is taken of your End Cumulative Win Value.

The formula then works out the amount your bank has gone up or down, also adjusting for the amount of extra credit taken. Then any Bonus winnings are added to the resultant score.

During the Tournament, you can check your current score and leaderboard position anytime using the CAshman_eq REEL WORLD app. When viewing the leaderboard you can also view a break down of your score so you know how much you have won and how.

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