A Free Upgrade WTF?

On selected games from CAshman_eq you can earn a free upgrade of the free version of the game. The upgrade unlocks a number of the features that would normally be reserved for the paid version of the game.

Benefits can Include…

Reduced Adverts

Adjustable Stake

Adjustable Payout Percentage 

To earn A free upgrade all you need to do is complete the achievements detailed within the game. Your current status on these achievements can be viewed in the “Achievements” menu, this is accessed by clicking the button below…


Inside the Achievements screen you will then be presented with a list of all the required achievements, along with a tick or cross to show the ones you have currently completed, as shown below…


Once all of your achievements are complete, you will be presented with the following button within the Achievements screen…


Click the button to accept the upgrade. You will know the game has updated as the “Achievements” menu button will have been replaced, as follows…


Clicking this button will take you into the “Refill Key” menu. Here you can make changes to the way the machine plays, that would normally only be available to the owner of the fruit machine.


This function is applicable to the following apps…

Squeal Or No Squeal Pot Brown
Around The Town Around The Town

777 Heaven For Android

777 Heaven For Android

Party Time For Android

Party Time For Android

Need Help with Completing your achievements?

Any further questions as always get in touch.