777 Heaven


Manufacturer Project Coin
Released Early 90's

£4.80 Jackpot

20p Per Play
Payout 80%

Classic UK Fruit Machine


This slot is a real life characteristics UK fruit machine simulation

With an authentic £4.80 jackpot and a default pay-out percentage of 80%.


Complete all of the Achievements to receive a free upgrade to the game. This reduces the number of adverts displayed and unlocks the fruit machine refill key menu.

Once the refill key menu is unlocked you adjust the pay-out percentage. The machine will then play according to the value you set. So you could have the world’s best or worst paying 777 Heaven fruit machine.

Machine Background

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 1980s and early nineties.

Step back onto the sand-peppered, wooden arcade floors of 1980's seaside resorts and re-live your youth with this faithful rendition of an old school classic. 777 Heaven was a popular slot machine in arcades and chip-shops along the UK's coastal resorts.

I remember being driven to SkegVegas with my parents and brother. Over two hours sat in the back of my dad's Austin Montego, as we headed for my uncle Colin's caravan (by 'uncle' I of course mean my dad's drinking buddy.) Once we'd arrived on the rugged Lincolnshire coast, one way of escaping the force-nine gales which would eat your face off would be to find the nearest arcade and play this gem of a machine. I wasted more of my formative years and cash than I care to remember!


Feature Answer Emulated?
Number Of Reels 3 Yes
Nudges Yes Yes
Holds No Yes

Simulation Playing Advice

● Complete all achievements for free upgrade

101% mode can make achievements much easier to complete – can you find it?

● Go crazy you will never be asked for any money thus you cannot lose anything its 100% free to play (Please note on the same basis you never win anything, it’s just for fun and those oh so fond memories)

● Need Help with Achievements?

CAshman_eq's emulation for Android of this slot is available from the below app stores, clicking the image will take you there...