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Welcome to my page of tips to help you get achievements under your belt, putting you well on the way towards a free upgrade to your game. Once upgraded you can start messing around with the play and payout settings on your slots.

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Firstly, and this is true for all of my slots (and in my opinion real world slots), you need to be mindful of what your goal is and aim for it.

So say for example you are trying to get the Jackpot. If you keep taking little wins, this takes the amount out if the pot of money from which the machine can pay out. Thus meaning it will take longer for the JP to present itself.

If you want to know the implications of taking small wins then click here to view a quick guide.

Look closely at, and understand, each of your outstanding achievements and then target each one in turn.

The only exceptions to this are where you need to put in a certain number of coins, this will only come with time but is easily achievable. You’d be surprised how the numbers rack up on these slots.

Now click the name of the slot you need specific help with….

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