Around The Town : Skeg Vegas : Playing Tips

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Around The Town: SkegVegas Edition

Firstly, here’s the full list of required achievements…

Starting from the top:

Hit The Top Nudge and Hold : This refers to the function which is still present on modern day machines, where you are awarded nudges, and after using the nudges there is still no win but you have 2 matching symbols on the win line. If at this point you are presented with a hold, then let them all spin and you will be awarded a win which is 3 of symbols that matched. In this case you are looking to get the “Hit The Top Symbols”, shown below

Best plan to achieve this is to refuse all wins on the reels. If if offers you 3 of a kind of any other symbol on a nudge refuse it. If it tries to nudge hold on another win, hold something instead of spinning them. At the same time as this hold any reels that have the “Hit The Top” fruit on or above the win line. After a short while of doing this you will get the nudges, it will hold and the achievement bell will bong.

3 Holds and In : Another function which still exists on modern-day machines. Hold 2 matching symbols 3 times and on the third hold the third matching symbol will roll in. In this case there is no stipulation as to which symbol or fruit this needs to be done on. So it should happen quite naturally. However if you are chasing it specifically you could as above refuse all other kinds of wins, this would make it more likely to offer the third hold of more valuable wins.

Big Money Repeat (x3) : This requires the achievement of the £10 + Repeat Chance “Big Money” feature.

This can be from the reels, gambling up to it on Hi – Lo or even nudges on the board.

The requirement for this is that you get the initial win, and then in one session get the win to repeat a further 3 times. Making the total win £40. This will happen naturally enough when trying to complete some of the other achievements. To assist with achieving this refuse all wins on the reels. If if offers you 3 of a kind of any other symbol on a nudge refuse it. If it tries to nudge hold on another win, hold something instead of spinning them. At the same time as this hold any reels that have the required fruit on or above the win line. Once you have the win the number of repeats will depend on the amount of money the machine can afford to pay. So the longer it takes to achieve the win the better the chance that it will repeat the required number of times…. or more.

Board Nudge Win “Hit The Top” : Refuse all wins on the board until you are offered “Hit The Top” on nudges.

Hit The Top Win : £100 Jackpot : Refuse all wins on the board until you are offered the “Hit The Top” feature. Once achieved you need to gamble all wins it offers in the hope of getting the £100. As with the above tasks the longer it takes to get the feature the more money will be in the pot, and the more likely it is to pay out one of the bigger wins.

Over £250 In Your Pocket : This requires a little bit of work, and a minor amount of thought. So first point is that we know this game by default only pays out 80% of what goes in. Can we improve this any? Yes we can 101% mode is particularly handy for this. If you want to read more on the basics of slot machine payout then visit this page.

So once we have it in 101% mode we know that the game should pay out 101% of everything that goes in. So you put £1 in £1.01 will in the fullness of time come back out. However if we keep putting £10 in £10 out etc the pot is only going to grow at a very slow rate (In this case only 10 pence). So what we need to do with this is similar to the real world phenomenon that is known as forcing a jackpot. We as with some of the above achievements are going to refuse to take anything that this machine offers to pay. Meaning we put £10 in the pot goes up by £10.10p. We will nudge wins away, if it rolls a Hi Lo win in gamble higher on that 6 (Or 5 which can be very useful), if it rolls feature entry in the take the 20p. By doing this you are ensuing that every penny that goes in stays in.

Once we have out enough in, then we let the machine relieve itself right into our sky rockets. To ensure this works I have to advise that best plan is to make sure you put in at least the required £250 in 101% mode, this will ensure there is enough to be payed out and you’ll surpass the £250 mark with ease.

£1250 Played Through : £1250 where the bloody hell did I pull this figure from? The original was 20p per play and I required £250 play through. This is £1 per play, 5x as much. £1250 is 5x as much as £250. To complete this achievement £1250 must be inserted into the coin slot. As always you will be surprised how quickly this number is achieved.

Higher On A 5 and Survive : On a higher lower gamble you must go higher on a 5 and it come to a 6. For this to happen you need to firstly get a win on a 5, the current game needs to be able to allow you to win the gamble, and you then have a 1 in 5 chance of it being a 6. So aim for lower wins Cherries etc. And when you get a 5 go higher. Try to avoid exchanging any wins onto the board. This again will usually come quite easily.

Discover 101% mode : See here – This is the king pin, using and abusing this can make all of the above a whole lot easier.

All Feature Games Played : You must play each of the games listed to complete the achievement. The features are offered when hitting the “Pleasure Beach” square (Shown below) on the feature board.

This should be done as and when they become available. If you see it and you’re chasing something else it may be worth just getting it out the way, and then you can crack on with the one you are targeting again.

That’s it once you have completed all of these you can follow this to complete the upgrade.

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