Party Time : Playing Tips

Below is everything you need to know to earn a FREE upgrade to your PartyTime Arena Slot (Offline Version)

Firstly, here’s the full list of required achievements…

Party Time Achievements

Party Time Achievements

Starting from the top…

Jackpot Win Reels

This can be done by 3 holds, nudges, nudge holds, or even just dropping in. To be able to do this you need to get the reels into a position where they have enough to pay it and then wait. Keeping on trying to get it. To do this get the machine in party % mode. Then on the reels try to refuse any wins that are offered. In doing this you are keeping every available penny into the reels pot. Doing so will make it available for the win and will make it more likely to happen.

Bars Win Reels

As per the above

3 Holds and In

Another function which still exists on modern-day machines. Hold 2 matching symbols 3 times and on the third hold the third matching symbol will roll in. In this case, there is no stipulation as to which symbol or fruit this needs to be done on. So it should happen quite naturally. However if you are chasing it specifically you could as above refuse all other kinds of wins, this would make it more likely to offer the third hold of more valuable wins.

Winning spin after nudges

When using nudges if no winning combination is achieved and 2 matching symbols are left on the win line. If you are offered a hold spinning all the reels will give you three of a kind of the matching symbols. To complete this achievement you just need to complete this on any value win. The more the machine can afford to pay out the more likely this will happen. Rest assured this will not be difficult to achieve.

Winning Combination Hold

After achieving a winning combination it is possible that the win might hold. It doesn’t matter the value of the win for this achievement, you just need the win to hold. Also, you need to manage to hold the reels also to get the additional win. This is more likely the more money the machine has to payout, and will also be more likely on smaller wins for the same reason.

Discover Party % mode

See here – This is the kingpin, using and abusing this can make all of the achievements a whole lot easier. It is also useful when playing the community slot. Especially if you are taking part in a tournament.

Over £250 In Your Sky Rocket

Firstly make sure you are playing the game in Party % Mode, then you are always going to be heading in the right direction. Then this achievement will just happen. As in real life, there are peaks and troughs when playing slot machines. Trust me you’ll get a bit of a streak going on and smash it no problem. You could influence this by refusing all wins for a while. As I have always said what goes in, a percentage of must come back out. What you need in this case is for it all to come out in one go. The longer you hold out for the more will be set to come out and the more likely you are to top £250. If you want to read more on the basics of slot machine payout then visit this page.

£1000 Played Through

£1000 must be inserted into the slot. Now I know what you are thinking, but you will be surprised how quickly the numbers get big.

Use a Nudge Setup (Any Win)

One the big selling points on a PartyTime slot is the Magic Nudge Setups. These are the quirks of these machines, where you are awarded 3 nudges but dependant on the combination, and the way in which you nudge the reels you can obtain wins that are anything up to 5 nudges away. As you plat the slot Freddie will let you know when you are in a position from which you could obtain a win. If you complete the nudges in the correct manner, Freddie will confirm the win. And in it shall nudge. That is all that is required for this achievement.

Now I know what you are thinking how am I supposed to know what to nudge and when?

Well, I will be adding material to the app soon which will show you have all of the big money combinations work. And for the X’s there is plenty of material online and I shall add some eventually. Anyway on the subject of the 12 Jackpot setups and the 1 Bar/Astra setups….

All Setup Positions Discovered

Every time you spin the reel(s) and the reel(s) stop in a Jackpot or Astra/Bar setup you will hear young Freddie inform you as such. At this point, if it is a Jackpot or Astra/Bar setup that you have not yet had the tick will be added to your achievements. Complete them all and the achievement is done.


Wanna know what they all are? Well, I’m not gonna tell you… well not until you collect them all. As soon as you have collected them all, click the one you wish to know about and all will be shown. Can’t say fairer than that can I?

That’s it once you have completed all of these you can follow this to complete the upgrade.

Any questions please get in touch