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Party Time Arena Tournament


October 1st, 2017 (During the live show 7:30 Onwards)


October 31st, 2017 (@10pm during Live Show)

Please Note: You can as with any of Retro’s Tournaments join at any time. Either visit him on a Live show or Contact him via his official Facebook page or even contact CAshman_eq and we shall get you sorted out.


“Pot As Many Balls As You Can…”

Whoops, wrong game but it’s a similar idea, this is just a brute force whoever accumulates the most wins (based on cumulative value) regardless of the amount invested wins.

Prize Pool

1 x £100

1x £50

2 x £25


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<Contact CAshman_eq>

Terms And Conditions

These are the terms and conditions to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing (01/10/17). They may be subject to change and in all cases Retro’s decision on all matters is final.

Party Time Competition T&C’s

  1. You have to subscribe to Retro Arcade Machine channel on YouTube
  2. You have to join us on Facebook
  3. The competition runs from 01/10/17 and ends in the live show on 31/10/17 at 10pm
  4. A minimum of 25 players is needed for the competition. If we don’t achieve 25 players constantly, the competition will be cancelled without notice.
  5. You as a player must play at least 3 separate days a week throughout October. Please note we do check this.
  6. The top 4 players will be entered into the slot picker on the live show and the slot picker will choose who comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
  7. The prize pool is as follows, 1st £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £25 and 4th £25
  8. All prize money will be sent via bank transfer only, and will only be sent to the subscriber. We will not send money to a third party nor will we send cash.
  9. This competition can be stopped at any time by R.A.M TV
  10. Competition is open to all UK residents only.
  11. Good Luck from THE PRIZE MASTER

Have fun and enjoy the competition, remember guys that this app is for free to use and gives you a simulated feel for the real machine. This is still a form of gambling even though it’s using dummy money. If you do play this fruit machine or any other fruit machine for real, stay in control and WHEN THE FUN STOPS, STOP!!!