777 Heaven Playing Tips

With this version of 777 Heaven the machine is set by default to 20p Per Play and 80% payout. By completing a number of Achievements within the game you can earn a free upgrade to the game. Where you will be able to adjust the payout percentage. Below is everything you need to know to earn a FREE upgrade to your version of 777 Heaven:

Firstly, here’s the full list of required achievements, starting from the top…


Boxed Red 7s Win & Boxed Blue 7s Win & Boxed Triple Bars Win

Each of these needs to be aimed for. Refusing smaller wins and only playing for the win you require will soon yield the required win. If you’re offered a win on nudges then refuse it. If you are offered a hold on a combination after nudges that is not the required win, then hold something effectively refusing the win.

Winning spin after nudges

When using nudges if no winning combination is achieved and 2 matching symbols are left on the win line. If you are offered a hold  spinning all the reels will give you three of a kind of the matching symbols. To complete this achievement you just need to complete this on any value win. The more the machine can afford to pay out the more likely this will happen. Rest assured this will not be difficult to achieve.

Winning Combination Hold

After achieving a winning combination it is possible that the win might hold. It doesn’t matter the value of the win for this achievement, you just need the win to hold. Also you need to manage to hold the reels also to get the additional win. This is more likely the more money the machine has to payout, and will also be more likely on smaller wins for the same reason.

Over £30 in your sky rocket

This achievement requires a good run of wins. This machine is renowned for its streaks and this app has this functionality built in so it’s definitely doable. Another useful tool for completing this is 101% mode. As in 101% mode the game always pays out more than you put in. So you will always be heading in the right direction.

This achievement is one that I have received a lot of feedback about, saying that it is very difficult to achieve. So I am going to break it down to explain exactly how to do it here, and it will take about 10 minutes crossing off a number of the other achievements along the way.

Ok so as i’ve mentioned before this game will pay out either 80% or 101% of what you put in, so in order to have a bank of over £30 what do you need to do? You would need to put in enough money for it to be able to pay out £30 in one go. This is as per every other fruit machine in the world, they are not actually there to make you money, only the person that owns the machine ever truly wins.

So on 80% payout you would need to put in and absolute minimum of £37.5 in without taking anything out, in other words refusing all wins a you do so. If any wins are taken out by mistake than you will need to put that win back in and then some more. Say you take £4.80 out by mistake, to get back to before the win you would need to put back in 6.

Using 101% mode these amounts are a little less, to win £30 a minimum of £29.70 would need to be put in. Again if you are playing for the big win you should refuse everything. If however you accidentally take a win this gets a little more interesting. In order to add £4.80 back to the payout pot you only need put back in £4.75 owing to the over 101% payout the machine pays out more than you put in. Not a lot but its certainly better than losing 20% of everything.

Once you are happy that you have put in well in excess of what you need to complete the achievement just start taking the wins offered. Providing you have put enough in the machine will then payout and keep paying out until the bank is over £30.

Easy as that, to understand the basics of how slot machines operate I would visit this page where I have attempted the explain.

Play through £250

A coin insertion totalling £250 needs to go through the slot at the top. This may seem a huge amount to have to play through. However you will be surprised at how quickly this one can be achieved.

Discover 101% mode

Activate 101% mode in the game. Details of how to do this can be found here


That’s it once you have completed all of these you can follow this to complete the upgrade.

As always if you have any further questions, or comments please get in touch

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