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 This app is a one-stop shop for everything CAshman_eq, within it you will find EVERYTHING you could ever need from me. If there is something missing there are also many ways to contact me linked in also.


♦ All of CAshman_eq's Apps, all in the one place - Even new releases

♦ Easy Install and Launch of Community & Offline Slots

♦ Complete integration into our Free to enter Tournaments with Reel Prizes

• Details of current Tournaments
• Details of your performance in current Tournaments (Including Leaderboard Access)
• Points of contact

♦ Direct links to a wealth of support documents (Support pages, playing tips, privacy policies)

♦ Get in Contact with CAshman_eq or the REEListic Slots Team

♦ Latest News

♦ Link to all other CAshman_eq apps

It truly is like having CAshman_eq's arcade in your pocket

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Available to Download from Google Play Store

Available to Download from Google Play Store