Need a little extra CAsh this January

Are you playing in our FREE to enter slot tournaments? would like some FREE flutters?

Well if you are in the below list you already have one, there is in the region of £100 that is unaccounted for. Can you afford to not let us know who you are? Get in touch now to discuss how much you have for the upcoming live show at Roxy Amusements…

If you fail to we reserve the right the donate the Flutters to charity… get in touch now…

More information about the Free to enter tournaments can be found on our dedicated blog page


Bar X Multi Slot For Android Header

Bar X Multi Slot Now available on Play Store

Classic 1985 Bar X

This is based on the classic Bar X slot released initially by Electrocoin in 1985. This is the most basic of the slots in the bar X range. There have since been many software updates and variations on the same theme, all with their own quirks. This however, is based on the bog standard original Bar X slot. Simple as you like but timelessly elegant in what it does a True classic.

Available now to download from the Google Play Store

Bar X Multi Slot For Android Header
Bar X Multi Slot For Android

The Onetec Christmas Spectacular…

Hi Guys

So the final scores are in for the Onetec Christmas Spectacular. These are all amounts that players have won through playing CAshman_eq apps and attending Live shows with Retro Arcade Machine…

Onetec Christmas Spectacular Final Results

Onetec Christmas Spectacular Final Results

These are going to be played at the Live show from Onetec amusements in Eston. So if you are

  1. On the List
  2. Want to try and win some Free spot Prizes

The why not join us for the Live show, Live and direct on Youtube Tomorrow night, 23rd December @ 21:00 GMT.

Everything you could ever need to know can be found on our dedicated blog page here.

As always if there is anything I have not covered please feel free to get in touch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

From all at CAshman_eq and Retro Arcade Machine

Could this be the best FOBT in the world?

Could this be the best

FOBT in the world


If you have a better suggestion use the contact option below to let me know your thoughts, and you never know your suggestions just might be used…

What would your dream line up be?

What your dream FOBT? CAshman_eq

Email your suggestions Here

All the above titles are already available from CAshman_eq on your Android device

Kind regards


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All CAshman_eq Slots in one place

Oh’ Barry Island whats Occurring?

Oh Barry Island Whats Occuring

We are currently in the first week’s FREE to enter tournament for our Barry Island campaign.

Where in association with Retro Arcade Machine, CAshman_eq slot app players can win themselves FREE flutters, which can then be converted into real money on our Live YouTube shows.

Find details here of past, present and future campaigns, along with everything you could ever wish to know about how to get involved. If there is anything I have missed then be sure and get in touch here

View Current Campaign and Tournament details

View Current Campaign and Tournament details

Will you be the next Big Winner?

I do hope so


Keep It Reel with CAshman_eq Slots


The Roxy Amusements v2 campaign will close today Live you TouTube

Hi guys

The wins have been counted and verified


The final flutter winnings are as follows….

Hunstanton Final Scores

Click for larger image

These winnings will be played out live on YouTube this afternoon with Retro Arcade Machine. Where whatever people win is theirs to keep. Wondering what its all about of fancying a piece of the action for yourself then be sure and check us out this afternoon.

More information on the Tournaments can be found here. We have another tournament running already for the next Live show October 28th in Barry Island. Get in touch Now.


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Golden Game Logo


On your Android device

Be sure and check it out here

Golden Game For Android

Golden Game For Android

Whilst you are playing why not get involved in our slot tournaments? Where you can win yourself flutters, which we will play out on our next Live show in association with Retro Arcade Machine. Hoping to turn your flutters into Reel CAsh. Get your Money for nothing and your slots for free.

Why not check out our last Arcade Live show where we gave away Over £110 in flutters, which resulted in over £90 being paid out to people in CAsh.

Will you be the next big winner? I do hope so.

Kind regards


Golden Game For Android

Golden Game For Android



Coming Soon : Golden Game Community Slot

Hi guys

Sorry I have not been in touch for a while. Been busy working on new slots, tournaments and Live shows for you all. All of which I will keep you updated on via these emails.

So how you like this prospect for size?

Golden Game For Android

Golden Game Coming Soon To an Android device near you

Don’t forget if you play my current line up of Community slots and would like to maybe make a few £££’s along the way then why not get involved in our tournaments? More information available here. We have some amazing Live shows lined up where players like you will hope to convert their tournament winnings into withdrawable cash wins. If you want to know more just get in touch 100% no catch just play the slots. If you win you win, simple as peas.

As always if you need anything else do not hesitate to get in touch.


CAshman_eq says : Get your money for nothing…

… and your slots for FREE


Great News guys we will be starting a new tournament this coming Sunday 8th July 2018 in association with Retro Arcade Machine.

Q. Are the tournaments for you? Ask yourself one simple question? Are you playing the games anyway?

A. In which you have Nothing to lose and Everything to gain.

Get involved Here

Hope to hear from you soon


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