Current Tournament(s)

Welcome to our Current Campaign and Tournament(s) page. Here you will find details of the current Campaign we have running and all the subsequent Tournaments...


Venue: Barry Island (Wales)

Campaign Start Date: 29th September 2018

Campaign End Date: 28 October 2018

Prize Pool:Unlimited


There will be Four 1 Week Tournaments

Week 1: 29th September 2018 - 7th October 2018

Week 2: 7th October 2018 - 14th October 2018

Week 3: 14th October 2018 - 21st October 2018

Week 4: 21st October 2018 - 28th October 2018

Live Flutter Show

Saturday 10th November 2018

Streamed Live on our YouTube channel

Retro Reel World Slots

Tournament Specific Rules

(Please Read)

During this campaign, the tournaments have the standard 3 winners of £5 Flutters per week. These flutters can then be played on the Campaign Live Show. Where the flutters can be turned into Real Money which the player can then cash out.

Bonus Prizes

Every non £5 flutter winning player will receive a 50p flutter for every £1000 earned on the Tournament leader board. These will be added to the players flutter winnings total at the end of each week, and the results displayed below.

For example, John scored £3,200 on the tournament leader board but failed to win a £5 flutter. So John will receive £1.60 as a Bonus flutter.

Bonus Bonus Prize

If any player successfully wins a £5 flutter, and in the same week they score more than £5000 on the tournament leader board they will win the £5 flutter + the Bonus Flutter amount.

For example, John scored £6,200 on the tournament leader board and subsequently won a £5 flutter. So John will receive his £5 winning flutter, plus the £3.10 Bonus Flutter.

Tournament Results To Date

Grand Flutter Totals

General Terms and Conditions

Players compete in weekly Tournaments to earn themselves a flutter.

Flutter winners are decided during Live weekly shows, being picked at random from the Retro Arcade Machine Slot Picker

A Flutter, although expressed in terms of a cash amount, is not a cash win and cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.

When a players Flutter is exercised during a Live show the resultant win can then be withdrawn as cash or donated to charity.

Winnings will be sent either via Paypal or bank transfer. If you are unable to supply the details for one of the above then you need to get thinking about charities.

The tournaments are limited to one entry per player

CAshman_eq and Retro Arcade Machine reserve the right to remove anyone form the tournament without prior notification if they feel the good nature of the tournament is being abused.

As with all gambling, these tournaments are intended to be a bit of fun.

However if the FUN stops,

then please STOP

Coming Soon...

Live Show 23rd December 2018 from Ontec Amusements in Eston