Bar Humbug : Community and Offline Slots Available Now

Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Bar Humbug Slot By CAshman_eq

Is now available in online and offline versions. On both the Amazon and the Google Play app stores

This is an Astra style slot, with classic features like the Magic Nudges seen on PartyTime and the like. With a Christmas twist.

In the build-up to the big day, there will be a different maximum payout percentage in Party % Mode every day. I’m not going to tell you how big the percentages are nor when the sweet spots are. Suffice to say they are there and just wait for you to take advantage of them.

Bar Humbug Christmas Slot by CAshman_eq

So whether you want to play against others, maybe even taking in a Tournament along the way to win real prizes with no entrance fee, just in time for Christmas. Or you wish to play the slot stand alone where the only restriction is how Hardcore you are then Bar Humbug really has everything you could ever want this festive season.

The app can be downloaded from the following app stores in which every version you like….

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Amazon app store

Available to download from the Amazon app store

While I have your attention and in case I don’t get the chance again before the big day… I would like to take the opportunity to that everyone who has tried and enjoyed my slots. Your amazing feedback and kind words makes it all worthwhile. So thank you all and Merry Christmas to you and your Families.

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Bar Humbug Christmas Slot By CAshman_eq