Merry Christmas & Happy New Year : From CAshman_eq

Hi guys

Hope you are all well?


Well, that’s Christmas and New Year done for another year? All that remains is for us all to wish for a better one than the last. However, there is no need for the new year blues for all us Android-wielding Retro slot machine fans. Like my spirit creature, the Honey Badger no F&%k’s at this point should be given, not on my watch…

To get the ball rolling I have a picture to wet your appetite, it may only be a picture but she paints 1000 oh so beautiful words.

Bullion Bars For Android

Bullion Bars For Android (Coming Soon)

Rest assured it won’t be long, initially in an online community version, with all the associated benefits including being fully tournament ready. It will also later be available in an offline version (Along with Hokey Cokey yes guys I am listening and they will both follow, sorry HC has been so long).

I will keep you posted and myself and Retro look forward to seeing you all playing on this new slot soon.

Happy New Year 


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Bullion Bars For Android