Really Exciting News: For All CAshman_eq Slot Fans…

CAshman_eq's Reel World

CAshman_eq’s Reel World

I am very proud to announce the launch of my latest app, and I hope the answer to all our prayers.

If you enjoy CAshman_eq apps and have always worried that you don’t have the latest apps, or that you are missing out on something, like Tournaments?… Then fear no more this app will set all these fears to rest.

With this app, you will have access to…

♦ All of CAshman_eq’s Apps, all in the one place – Even new releases

♦ Easy Install and Launch of Community & Offline Slots

♦ Complete integration into our Free to enter Tournaments with Reel Prizes (in association with Retro Arcade Machine)

• Details of current Tournaments
• Details of your performance in current Tournaments (Including Leaderboard Access)
• Points of contact

♦ Links to a wealth of support documents my blog (Support pages, playing tips, privacy policies)

♦ Get in Contact with CAshman_eq or Retro Arcade Machine

♦ Latest News

♦ Link to all other CAshman_eq apps

I cannot impress upon you how much easier this app will make all our lives. If you like my apps Download Now you will not regret it

As always if I can do anything else for You please get in touch.

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Frank and Stein : Final Release & What Now?

Hello All

I have just uploaded what I hope to be the last version of Frank N Stein to the play and Amazon App stores.

Frank N Stein Fruit Machine

Frank N Stein by Crystal Games

Finishing touches include…

♦ Nudge Gamble

♦ Displays Win On Nudges

♦ Improvement of sound effect use

♦ Improvement in lamp timings

♦ Steps taken to improve performance

Amongst other things. If you have not checked him out already be sure and do so. Gotta admit I am quite proud of this one, bug permitting :-p

Frank N Stein Support Page

Anyway as Mrs Brown would say “that’s nice”. But I really am at a loss as to what to do next.

So I am going to put down a couple of suggestions below any feedback would be gratefully received…

Suggestion 1 : Poll Result : Road Hogg – As you probably know I have had a survey running for a while, and at the moment the leader are Eastenders (16 votes), Andy Capp(15 votes) and Road Hog (11 votes). The highest up game I would like to do is Road Hogg. Reason being that the others are all based on copyrighted material (Eastenders brand, Andy Capp brand etc).

Road Hog

Road Hog

Suggestion 2 : Club Casino Crazy – My thought as to what might work well, nothing more to it than that

Casino Crazy Club Fruit

Casino Crazy Club Fruit Machine by JPM

Suggestion 3 : Some Kind of Arena Slot : Adders & Ladders, Party Time, Golden Game… whatever. This one would be one hell of a challenge I will say from the outset. My thinking with this is that it would take the games to the next level, give that little something that they are currently missing. Imagine… Like in the arcades you have several lots (in this case online ones), players take it in turn to play them, you look whats currently available and slot 4 takes your fancy. The payout pots fluctuate according to whether you or other people win on them, giving the hustle factor. Also imagine you are playing away and you hear player 1 it’s you…. (Probably more like player 101 as there could be loads of them). But when this happens you could then have the option to take a look and see what they get. Also with leader boards, where you can pit yourself against the best in the word, who is the ultimate fruit machine player? I guess what its edging towards is kind of online community gaming. All with my usual MO advert funded free to play, with essentially unlimited credit. This in my opinion is the most exciting prospect but it could also be the biggest waste of time if I cannot get it to work? It’s a gamble but is that not why we are all here?

Adders And Ladders Arena

Adders And Ladders Arena

Golden Game Arena

Golden Game Arena

Party Time Arena

Party Time Arena

Suggestion 4 : Anything else you can think of?

As always I consider all options, anyway let me know what your thinking and you never know you could well inspire the next project.

Thanks and regards

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777 Heaven Released


777 Heaven

is now complete and available from the Amazon and Play app stores

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 1980s and early nineties. Step back onto the sand-peppered, wooden arcade floors of 1980’s seaside resorts and re-live your youth with this faithful rendition of an old school classic. 777 Heaven was a popular slot machine in arcades and chip-shops along the UK’s coastal resorts.


Play Store


Amazon App Store

Around The Town : Final


The latest version of my personal childhood favourite is now live on both Play and Amazon stores.

Changes Include

Addition of Achievements – Earn a FREE upgrade to the game

Addition of flashing buttons

Updated Hi Lo win graphics

Improvement / reworking of some videos

Added “Roll Out The Barrel” feature

Links to blog added


Play Store


Amazon App Store

Take a look at “Around ‘ Town UK Fruit Machine”

Latest version of this app uploaded tonight. Big update is addition of 3 holds and in on reels, and a rework of the way it plays to try and liven it up a little. Hope you like?

And as always any problems or questions get in touch.