Frank N Stein Fruit Machine

Frank N Stein Fruit Machine

Frank N Stein by Crystal Games

Frank N Stein the retro fruit machine is free to play as much and as often as you like, it’s entirely for free. Also by completing all Achievements you can also earn a free upgrade, allowing you to adjust the pay-out percentage of the game

This is another Cashman_eq penned, faithful look and feel simulation of an absolute classic slot machine. I remember Frank N Stein slot from back in the 90’s on my holidays to SkegVegas. Loving nothing more than ditching my mum and dad at the caravan and sneaking off the Jolly Roger arcade to play this fruit machine. This game is a personal favourite of mine.

This is the free version of Frank N Stein slot machine. This slot machine game has Holds, Nudges, Winning Re-spins, and Hidden Features. All at your disposal to achieve the big payouts! This is a feature packed classic fruit machine that is sure to keep you entertained.

Frank N Stein Fruit Machine

Frank N Stein

Slot machine features Include:
♦ Holds: Hold reels to line up winning combinations
♦ Nudges: Move reels down to achieve winning combinations
♦ Winning Re-spins: After using nudges “Let ‘Em Ride” Winning Re-spins may be awarded
♦ Gamble Fruit Wins
♦ Exchange Fruit Wins for Hidden Features
♦ Collect 4 keys of progress up the trail to start the Frank N Stein feature

Hidden Features Include
♦ CAsh wins: Wins awarded at face value
♦ Spin A Win: Spins a Fruit win
♦ Step to nearest win: Steps to the Nearest Fruit win
♦ Win Series: Streak of Winning Fruit combinations
♦ Pick A Win: Choose your win, collect what you see or wait for a better win line.
♦ Money Belt: Stop best winning combination on screen
♦ Stop and Step: Select the winning fruit and step down the reels to a winning combination

If you love old school slot machines, fruit machines, one armed bandits or pokies in seaside amusement arcades of yesteryear as much as I do you’ll love this game.

Frank N Stein slot machine is for entertainment purposes only and no real money is wagered, and as such you do not receive any of your winnings. This machine by default pays out at 80%, which in real world terms is fair. However once you have earned your free upgrade by completing all the achievements you can adjust the pay-out percentage to your hearts content. If you do crank it up to the massive 200% maximum pay-out please do not expect similar results on real casino slot machines.

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Available to Download from Google Play Store

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