The Roxy Amusements v2 campaign will close today Live you TouTube

Hi guys

The wins have been counted and verified


The final flutter winnings are as follows….

Hunstanton Final Scores

Click for larger image

These winnings will be played out live on YouTube this afternoon with Retro Arcade Machine. Where whatever people win is theirs to keep. Wondering what its all about of fancying a piece of the action for yourself then be sure and check us out this afternoon.

More information on the Tournaments can be found here. We have another tournament running already for the next Live show October 28th in Barry Island. Get in touch Now.


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CAshman_eq says : Get your money for nothing…

… and your slots for FREE


Great News guys we will be starting a new tournament this coming Sunday 8th July 2018 in association with Retro Arcade Machine.

Q. Are the tournaments for you? Ask yourself one simple question? Are you playing the games anyway?

A. In which you have Nothing to lose and Everything to gain.

Get involved Here

Hope to hear from you soon


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CAshman_eq Slots : A Glimpse into the Future, Featuring Hokey Cokey For Android

Hi guys

Please take a moment to have a watch of this video, detailing some of the new proposed new features on my slots. This video features Hokey Cokey as this slot has the features implemented.

Video Here

I would love to hear your thoughts on the proposed new features. Please comment on the video and I will get back to you all.

CAshman_eq Signature

Hokey Cokey Arena by CAshman_eq

Hokey Cokey Arena

Fancy Winning Avengers Infinity War Cinema Tickets?

Retro Arcade Machine Logo

Is running another of his tournaments this time to win tickets to the upcoming film of the decade…

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War

To get involved visit Retro on Facebook or get in touch with me and we will get you added.

If you are already playing my apps then you have Absolutely nothing to lose.

Even Tony is getting involved

Even Tony is getting involved

Look forward to hearing from you soon…


Coming to Android Device Near You…

Hi guys

Just a quick check in to make sure you know that I am as the name of Phil Collins’s recent tour said…

CAshman_eq Not Dead

Here is a couple of sneak peek images from my next title. It is as you can probably tell taking longer than anticipated, hence me being so quiet. But bear with me it will be available as soon as possible.

Firstly the next slot will be…

Cops N Robbers Club £100 Jackpot

Cops N Robbers Club £100 Jackpot

And the screen shots…

Cops N Robbers Club For Android Reels

Cops N Robbers Club For Android Reels

Cops N Robbers Club For Android HiLo Gamble

Cops N Robbers Club For Android HiLo Gamble

Cops N Robbers Club For Android Boardgame

Cops N Robbers Club For Android Board Game

In the meantime I have been adding some new content to my YouTube Channel. Which has a mixture of my slot games, and real-world slot play. For example Cops N Robbers Jackpot Video? The older the slot the better. So if you have time be sure and pop on over and check it out. Whilst there if you like what you see be sure to like and subscribe.

Be in touch soon

Kind regards




Retro Arcade Machine Does It Again…

Retro Arcade Machine will this evening on YouTube will be launching a new Free to enter tournament, where you can win CAsh prizes and RAM TV merchandise by playing CAshman_eq slots, and/or participating in activities on his YouTube Channel.

Retro Arcade Machine

If you wish to get involved either drop in and see the live show tonight on his YouTube channel

Or get in touch through his group page on Facebook.

If you want or need anything else you know where I am




Bullion Bars : Login Error

Morning All

I just wanted to make you all aware that there has been an issue with the Bullion Bars app identified this morning.

An updated version of the app has now been uploaded to Google Play and will hopefully be available soon. Anyone who is having an issue where they are unable to get to the main menu with the below screens looping on the screen instead should in the first instance check for updates to the app. The latest version 9 will fix the problem.

In the meantime, if you wish to play drop me a mail to and I will put in place a temporary fix for the issue.

Kind regards


Bullion Bars For Android

Shall we try that again…

Hello again

To clarify the Tournament starts today 03/12 and completes on Sun 10/12, as follows…

Retro Arcade Machine Stocking Filler Tournament 4

Brain fart over, kind regards


As one door closes, another opens….

Evening all

Hope you are all well this evening?

So the end of the mammoth month-long tournament with Retro Arcade Machine for a prize pot of up to £250. This tournament will complete live on YouTube from approx 8 pm this evening. Be sure and join us if you can.

Further to this, we have not done with helping you fill your stockings this Christmas so please find below the details of the next tournament up.

Retro Arcade Machine Stocking Filler Tournament 1 Retro Arcade Machine Stocking Filler Tournament 2 Retro Arcade Machine Stocking Filler Tournament 3

If you want any more information or want to get involved just get in touch and I will get you sorted out.

Hope you all have an awesome week, and speak soon.


Bar Humbug Christmas Slot By CAshman_eq

New tournament also incorporating our exclusive slot Bar Humbug (PartyTime Arena, Hokey Cokey Arena, and Frank N Stein)