777 Heaven Released


777 Heaven

is now complete and available from the Amazon and Play app stores

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 1980s and early nineties. Step back onto the sand-peppered, wooden arcade floors of 1980’s seaside resorts and re-live your youth with this faithful rendition of an old school classic. 777 Heaven was a popular slot machine in arcades and chip-shops along the UK’s coastal resorts.


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777 Heaven 

Started working on the next title today. Going to give this old favourite a new lease of life. From back in the day playing it around the the pubs and clubs of Chapel St Leonards. Those were the days – when a jackpot of £4.80 was enough to buy 15 pints of brown ale, two kilograms of pork scratchings, four whisky chasers, a medium-sized skip full of dry-roasted peanuts, a battered cod the size of a dustbin lid on the way home accompanied by more chips than Las Vegas, and an eight-mile taxi-ride back to the caravan park.

And you’d still have £2 change.