Retro Arcade Machine Tournament: W/C 28/01/2018

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Retro Arcade Machine

Free to Enter Prize Tournament

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So how do we get you involved?

First question? Are you a UK resident if so please read on. If you are not a UK resident you can still play the slots and you can still enjoy the activities with Retro but you will be unable to compete in the tournament on this occasion.

  1. Visit Retro Arcade Machine on YouTube feel free to take a look around, see if there is anything that takes your fancy. While you are there be sure and Subscribe to his channel. This will then notify you of Live streams and new content being uploaded throughout the tournament. Alternatively, you can Subscribe Here
  2. Get a CAshman_eq account. To explain this is the account that will provide you with your entry on the leaderboard. Once you have an account you can then log in to any of CAshman_eq’s slots using this same username. Then ALL the points you score on the slots will be added to your score in the tournament. Also, any bonus points scored on the Live shows, or from other social media activities will also be added to this account.
  3. Once you have subscribed and have a CAshman_eq account all you need do it let us know about it. There are a few ways of doing this. I personally recommend you install the Reel World app. This puts all of my slots at your fingertips and tells you which are eligible for the tournament. There is also a “contact” option on the main menu that will allow you to get in touch. Equally, you may mail me directly on When contacting us we need to know your username on YouTube, and the username for the apps. Purely so we can marry the two up, please don’t worry these are not passed on anywhere. Shortly afterwards you will be added to the tournament ready to play. It is vitally important that you complete the above step, you are not in the tournament until you do so, and we reply to confirm your inclusion.

Once you get your confirmation you are good to go. I would recommend checking out the Tournament section of the Reel World App. In here you will find a “TOURNAMENT TEST” tournament. Clicking on this will show you the current leaderboard situation. You will see your name along with the rest of the players, and how your score compares to theirs.

In here you will find your name along with the rest of the players. Ensure firstly that you are on the list. Then try playing a slot get a few wins under your belt and you will see the scores adding onto the leaderboard. During the live tournament, you can check your progress at any time in this same way, and scores will add real time in the exact same way.

If you have any problems questions or queries with any of this before, during or after the tournament as always just get in touch.


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