777 Heaven Released


777 Heaven

is now complete and available from the Amazon and Play app stores

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 1980s and early nineties. Step back onto the sand-peppered, wooden arcade floors of 1980’s seaside resorts and re-live your youth with this faithful rendition of an old school classic. 777 Heaven was a popular slot machine in arcades and chip-shops along the UK’s coastal resorts.


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Trumpy 8 Ball


A bit of a random project has presented itself whilst working on the fruit machines – I still can’t go without my five-a-day.icon-512-1

Introducing… a Donald Trump Magic 8 Ball app. Over a looonnggg hard coffee break at work myself and a colleague were pondering the universe and generally setting the world to rights. And there it was, the idea was born.

Donald the most powerful yet controversial man in the world answering any yes/no question you ask him, in his own inimitable fashion.

Imagine the possibilities… Well imagine no more as it is now a reality…

777 Heaven 

Started working on the next title today. Going to give this old favourite a new lease of life. From back in the day playing it around the the pubs and clubs of Chapel St Leonards. Those were the days – when a jackpot of £4.80 was enough to buy 15 pints of brown ale, two kilograms of pork scratchings, four whisky chasers, a medium-sized skip full of dry-roasted peanuts, a battered cod the size of a dustbin lid on the way home accompanied by more chips than Las Vegas, and an eight-mile taxi-ride back to the caravan park.

And you’d still have £2 change.

Around The Town : Final


The latest version of my personal childhood favourite is now live on both Play and Amazon stores.

Changes Include

Addition of Achievements – Earn a FREE upgrade to the game

Addition of flashing buttons

Updated Hi Lo win graphics

Improvement / reworking of some videos

Added “Roll Out The Barrel” feature

Links to blog added


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Take a look at “Around ‘ Town UK Fruit Machine”


Latest version of this app uploaded tonight. Big update is addition of 3 holds and in on reels, and a rework of the way it plays to try and liven it up a little. Hope you like?

And as always any problems or questions get in touch.