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Manufacturer Astra Games
Released Late 1990’s Onwards

This classic yet still relevant 6 Reel slot machine by Astra Games.

An affectionately-remembered yet still ultra-relevant 6 Reel slot machine by Astra Games.

Bullion Bars was and is still a popular slot machine in arcades around the UK. In fact, it has been for a long as I can remember.

Lower Reels

Feature Answer Emulated?
Number Of Reels 6 (3 Bottom & 3 Top) Yes
Nudges Yes (Always Awards 3) Yes
Magic Nuges / Nudge Setups Yes – Nudges in wins from anything up to 5 nudges away Yes
Nudge Holds Spins in a winning combination the same as fruits on winline… Or Better Yes
Holds Yes Yes
3 Holds (Same Symbols) Matches Pair Yes
Feature Entry Obtained by lining up Bar – Bullion Bar – Bar on the lower reels Yes

Play the lower reels to line yourself up a winning combination. Once you have a combo will you hear those infamous words…

“Player x Lets Play Bullion Bars”

On your route to wealth use Holds, Nudges and Magic Nudges to help you along the way.

Magic Nudges are one of the quirks of Astra slot machine. Would you think that 3 nudges shown below would get you a win that is actually 4 spaces away? This image below is PartyTime but the same basic principle is true on Bullion bars.

PartyTime Magic Nudges

PartyTime Magic Nudges

Astra calls them Magic Nudges. There are many different setups that allow these nudges on all wins. Through playing this game you will come to learn all about, and all of these setups, which you can then use in the real world.

They are also still just as relevant to the latest slots Astra are releasing.  Recent releases like Batman and Elemental Drags all use the exact same layout. I would also wager that there is very little difference to the coding of the machines also. Why would anyone upset a formula that has worked for so long? Just make new machines that do the exact same thing. Fair play to them I say, at least they aren’t doing the Bell-Fruit thing where they take the best bits of the slot, throw them away and then polish up a turd from what is left.

Top Reels / Feature

Here you have the chance to make the big money…

Bullion Bars For Android

Bullion Bars For Android (Coming Soon)

Rest assured the biggie will come 🙂

Playing at the same stake as the bottom reels, you are guaranteed at least one win, but you will in most cases will a whole heap more.

Line up the Bullion Bars win on the top reels to lock the 1st and 3rd reels, and unleash a bar win streak. How far will it go? Beware of the star when he coming in on the middle reel the streak over.

As I’m sure we have all seen these machines are renowned for going crazy and paying out Jackpot after Jackpot after Jackpot.

App Playing Advice

Party % mode This mode is very similar to 101% mode on my other slots. But in this case, it gives you a random payout percentage of between 101 and 120%. This can make achievements much easier to complete – can you find it?

● Go crazy (you will never be asked for any money!) – it’s entirely free to play. By the same logic, you will also never receive any winnings. It is purely a look and feel simulation, purely for fun.

Below are a couple of videos of other apps that use the same online format, to help you get up and running with your new slot. Should you need anything further please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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