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Bullion Bars For Android

This application asks for you to set up a user account to use online features. Players are encouraged to ensure the details they enter will not uniquely identify themselves. Nothing personal is ever taken from the player, they are asked for a username and a pin number, nothing more. Hence the app will never have access to sensitive or otherwise information from yourself or your device.


Standard Permissions

Full Network Access

WiFi Connection Information

Control Vibration

View Network Connections

Permissions Of Note

Photos/Media/Files – Modify or delete the contents of your SD card – Read the contents of your SD card: This Application makes use of a number of video clips. These clips have to be copied and removed from the internal storage of the phone as and when required, hence this requirement

Device ID and Call Information – Read phone status and identity: Used in conjunction with phone wake state and vibration

Prevent The Phone From Sleeping: Used to keep the display of the phone active playing features in the app that mean the screen has to stay live longer than the default time out.

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