Around The Town (BFM)

Around The Town
Manufacturer Bell Fruit
Released Late 80’s Early 90’s
Around The Town

Three-Reel Acton With Prizes slot machine by Bell Fruit.

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 80’s and early 90’s.

Around The Town was a popular slot machine in arcades and chip-shops along the UK’s coastal resorts.

I remember being driven to SkegVegas with my parents and brother. Over two hours sat in the back of my dad’s Austin Montego, as we headed for my uncle Colin’s caravan (by ‘uncle’ I of course mean my dad’s drinking buddy.)  Once we’d arrived on the rugged Lincolnshire coast, one way of escaping the force-nine gales which would eat your face off would be to find the nearest arcade and play this gem of a machine. I wasted more of my formative years and cash than I care to remember!

Now I used to love this machine, but it had a bigger badder brother with which it had to contend – and, unlike this one, the Cops and Robbers machine has stood the test of time. Although they were very similar, this one has just a little more going on, and thus for me it had the edge.


Feature Answer Emulated?
Number Of Reels 3 Yes
Nudges Yes Yes
Holds Yes Yes
3 Holds (Same Symbols) Matches Pair Yes
Feature Entry 3 x super imposed Pint symbols Yes
Gamble Hi-Lo Dice with Feature Exchange Yes

Feature Board

Circuit-style board with cash and nudge amounts, intermingled with feature-games, mini-games and hazards.

Move around the board collecting as much cash or as many nudges as possible. Cash can be collected at face value.

Nudges are downwards nudges only. The best nudge win will be displayed in the gamble panel once enough nudges are collected. They are collected using the exchange button.

Feature Board

Mini Board Games

Mini Board Game Function Emulated?
Mystery Win (?) Awards an additional cash win Yes
Cash Point Repeat the displayed pin code to earn an additional cash win Yes
Happy Hour Double Win or Nudges Yes
Trivia Quiz & Karaoke Night Answer a question correctly or sing to the machine to earn an additional cash amount

Quiz – Yes

Karaoke – No

Taxi Either Taxi Home – Fine & game over
Taxi to another location on the board

Taxi Home – Yes

Other Location : No


Hazard Function Emulated?
Police Patrol First pass : Warning
Subsequent : If you’re drunk you could be in trouble, possible Game over
Boozy Baz Good and Bad outcomes
Pick Pocket – Lose some money – Game over
Win Raffle – additional cash win
Lost Wallet – Game Over
Last Orders – Lose some money – Game over
Lost At Cards – Game Over
Turned Away By Bouncer – Carry On
Yes to All
Public Loo Lose all money and nudges – Carry On Yes
Drunk & Disorderly Game Over Yes
Taxi Taxi Home – Lose some money and Game Over Yes
Feature Board

Games Room” Feature Games

Games Room

When visiting this square you are offered a feature which you can play in exchange for your cash and nudges accumulated so far.

Feature Games Function Emulated?
Pints Make Prizes Select a pint to reveal the win contained within Yes
Space Invaders Play a game of space invaders for cash No
Pontoon Play a game of 21, get as close to the magic number as you can without going over Yes
Air Hockey Play a game of air hockey for cash No
On the House Jackpot Yes

App Playing Advice

Complete all achievements for free upgrade

101% mode can make achievements much easier to complete – can you find it?

● Go crazy (you will never be asked for any money!) – it’s 100% free to play. By the same logic you will also never receive any winnings. Its is purely a simulation.

CAshman_eq’s emulation for Android of this slot is available from the app stores



click the icon to be taken there

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