The Great Easter Egg Hunt


£100 Jackpot UK Pub Slot Machine
With Deal/No Deal Style Easter Egg Feature Game

With real-world pay-out percentages and behaviours. The machine is set by default to 50p per play and pays out 80% of everything you put in

HOWEVER with this Easter Egg Special edition there is a secret 101% pay-out mode. Can you find it? Once activated the machine will pay 101% of everything you put in for 2 hours. This mode can be reactivated as many times as you wish.

Use your cunning and guile to hit the choc-tastic £100 JACKPOT?

IMPORTANT NOTE: When your credit is exhausted and bank empty press on the banner presented to instantly receive more FREE credit. No delays no waiting periods, just keep playing for free. On this same basis this is a simulation only, no money will change hands. You will not be asked for pay for anything, nor will you receive any winnings. It is purely for fun and hence it is 100% free to play


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 Default : Payout 80% Advert Free   Advert Free
50p play  Default : Payout 80% Default : Payout 80%
Secret 101% Payout Mode 50p play 50p play
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Lower Reels Features


Transfer your bank balance to credit using the coin slot.

Play the reels to try and get a winning combination. Match the Fruits and Bars for a cash win, or 3 feature entry symbols to start “The Great Easter Egg Hunt” feature game.

Use the “Wild” symbol as part of your winning combination. They are also worth £25 if you line up all 3 of them.

Use the following features in your quest to line up a winning combination

Θ Holds: Keep the best reel positions to get a winning combination

Θ Nudges: Use nudges when available to get the best winning combination

Θ Winning Shuffles: If no win is achieved with nudges where 2 matching symbols are left on the win line you may receive a free winning shuffle

Fruit Win Gamble

All fruit wins can be gambled to try and win more. If you gamble you will either progress to the next win level or you will lose the total amount won this game so far. If you win you may also gamble again for the change of winning even more.

Whilst gambling you way up through the amounts keeps your eyes peeled for the chance to exchange you win for entry into “The Great Easter Egg Hunt” feature.

“The Great Easter Egg Hunt” feature


Initially you will be presented with 16 Easter eggs. Each with a unique cash treat in the centre. These values vary from 1p all the way up to the mighty £100 Jackpot.

Firstly you need to select your egg, your egg will be displayed in the middle of the cash matrix and is yours for the remainder of the game. The cash matrix is a visual representation of the cash amounts that remain undiscovered in this session.

Now select other eggs to reveal and eliminate their hidden cash values. At regular intervals an offer will be made for your egg, based on the number of eggs and the hidden values remaining. At which point you have to decide whether to Deal / Take offer, or No Deal / Reject the offer.

Deal / Take Offer – You will be awarded the offer value, rounded to the next whole pound. E.g. £9.01p would round to £10. At this stage your egg contents will be revealed, did you make a good call?

No Deal / Reject Offer – Continue the game, eliminating eggs one at a time until the next offer/swap point.

After declining the offer made when 2 eggs remain, you have another choice to make… Do you keep your egg, or do you swap it for the other remaining egg?

Easter Egg Hunt feature timeline*

*assuming all offers are declined

Θ Select your Egg

Θ Eliminate 4 Eggs: Offer Made

Θ Eliminate further 4 Eggs: Offer Made

Θ Eliminate further 3 Eggs: Offer Made

Θ Eliminate further 3 Eggs: Offer Made

Θ Swap / No Swap

Θ Egg opened Win revealed

Playing Tips

Θ Long press on the top half of the reels to look up, useful when nudging

Θ Nudges are not 100% random! Can you work out how to earn more?

Θ When your credit and bank are exhausted press on the presented banner to instantly receive more FREE credit

Θ Can you find 101% mode?



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