Squeal Or No Squeal Safe Cracker


Squeal or No Squeal

Safe Cracker

£100 Jackpot

UK Pub Slot machine simulation


Play this 3 Reel UK Pub/Club Fruit Machine as Ernie a small time crook. Looking to make himself rich. Whilst avoiding the long arm or the law, as well as keeping himself under Mr Big's radar. Join him on his journey and see you and he together can strike it big...

Will it be CAsh or BUST?

Along the way play the "Criminal Record" wheel of fortune style game


, to win Cash, "Hidden Loot" features, "Safe Cracker" feature entry or maybe the Cashpot or the mighty £100 JACKPOT



Will Ernie get a call to action out of the Blue from Mr Big. If he does then chances are there's a few quid to be made. You and he need to be on that as soon as possible. (And yes that is the new Nokia 3310, Ernie does low tech best)


Play the "Safe Cracker" feature. Where you play a Deal Or No Deal style. Crack your vault open to win anything from 1p right up to the jackpot. Or Take one of the offers made along the way...


Will you make the right deal at the right time?

Use your cunning and guile to break the bank and win the £100 JACKPOT?

With real-world pay-out percentages and behaviours. The machine is set by default to 50p per play and pays out 80% of everything you put in

HOWEVER with this "Squeal Or No Squeal - Safe Cracker" special edition there is a secret 101% pay-out mode. Can you find it? Once activated the machine will pay 101% of everything you put in for 2 hours. This mode can be reactivated as many times as you wish.

Thank you and good luck


Playing Tips

- Long press on the top half of the reels to look up, useful when nudging

- Nudges are not 100% random! Can you work out how to earn more?

- When your credit and bank are exhausted press on the presented banner to instantly receive more FREE credit

- Can you find 101% mode?

Available to Download from Google Play Store

Available to Download from Google Play Store

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