Hi Karate : CAshman_eq Slots Helper

Hi Karate by Crystal Reel Guide

Super Number Combinations (Only relevant on Barcodes & Features)

5 - 4

7 - 1

11 - 9

12 - 8

If you collect a feature on any of the above number combinations the feature will be the super version.


Barcode : Single - Double - Treble

Super number combination

3-2-1 : Number Up : Number Runner Hold The Numbers - Should Be JAckpot

Non Super number combination

2-1-3 : Nudge Hit : Collect Best Nudge / Reel Combinatin

If not confident on Nudge hit consider
3-2-1 Number Up : Numbers On Reels Add To Cash Stack


Barcode : Treble - Double - Single

Super number combination
1-2-3 : Double Dragon : 2 Value Climb Up Slowly On LED - Both may goto £5 and climb down again.

Non Super number combination
2-1-3 : Super Knockout : 8 Knockouts - Can be VERY generous so dont be arfraid to Risk it


Reels Tips

  • When holds 3 times, even if not been holding matching symbols as long as match on 3rd hold will match for the win.
  • It can 3 times hold for barcode
  • Bonus Number Run, can hold reels and fruits as it steps
  • Skill Stop : Skills all the way up to 99 Nudges, only first time tho so be ready

Gamble Tips

  • Hi Karate does not show when the barcode is on nudges. You have to be able to see it or know the reels.
  • It does however show which numbers are super as there is a thumbs up in the middle of them.
  • On the gamble there is no option to exchange from cash back to nudges
  • Hold after nudges can be good on this slot. If there is nothing on for nudges and its a bad number. Also you can go for a hold on Barcode can be a a shortcut to a big win/jackpot when in the right mood