Cops and Robbers Reels Helper


Ever played one of the following UK Fruit Machines?

Then this app is an absolute must have….

Which fruit machines are applicable?

All of the following slot machines use the exact same reel layout, with different super imposed feature entry symbols.

Bell Fruit – Club Cops And Robbers (All generations)
Bell Fruit – Club Cops And Robbers Gold
Bell Fruit – Club Cops And Robbers Platinum
Bell Fruit – Club Cops And Robbers : Judgement Pay (2015 model)
Bell Fruit – Club Deal Or No Deal
Bell Fruit – Club Deal Or No Deal : Can You Beat The Banker
Bell Fruit – Club Pots Of Gold
Bell Fruit – Club Road Hog
Bell Fruit – Club Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker Tournament
Bell Fruit – Club Public Enemy Number 1
Bell Fruit – Club Premier Club Manager

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I encourage you to let me know of any other machines that use the same reel layouts. There is an option in the more menu to get in touch with me by email, you can contact me with this information or regarding anything else you wish.

So what does the app do?


The menu screen lists all of the functions that the app contains. Essentially the app gibes you full visibility of the reels on these machines, and tells you from any given reel position what is on for nudges.

So whether you have nudges on the reels, or you are trying to work out if something is worth holding, or you are playing the feature game and want to know what is on if you hit nudges…

…It’s all in this app

View Reel Bands

View the reels in full strips on screen

Free Reels


Move any reel up or down one position at a time. For each position you will then be shown the best 4 of a kind fruit win within 20 nudges.

4 Swags Only View


Move any reel up or down to the next feature entry symbol. For each combination you will then be shown the best 4 of a kind fruit wins that are within 20 nudges.

How much does this app cost?

1 x Golden Nugget
or 5 plays at 20p per play
or 4 plays at 25p per play
or 2 plays at 50p per play
or only 1 plays at £1 per play

Otherwise known as £1 GBP

It’ll pay for itself the first time you use it

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