Casino Crazy (AWP) : CAshman_eq Slots Helper

Casino crazy AWP £10 Jackpot

Reels Bonus

Super Bingo

Best Feature : Super Climb (See Below)


BINGO Features (Worth having)

Super Stop N Step: Stop best symbol to step to matching symbols

Combination: Top Row & 4 Corners


Hi Lo Climb: Like Nemesis on Roller Coaster

Combination: Top & Bottom Rows & 4 Corners


Super Climb: Three Shots At Climbing The Fruit Cash Ladder

Combination: Bottom Row & 4 Corners


Skill Climb: Like Test Your Strength On Roller Coaster - Skill Stop Climb Up Fruit Wins, use cancel to slow down.

Combination: Bottom Two Rows

Casino Crazy AWP Bingo Board

Board Features (Worth having)

Reel Roulette: It's like Waltzers on Roller Coaster. Based on £10 Jackpot hit the cherries 4 below the red 7s. That will give £10, plus a 50% chance of another £10 (The 7’s).