Arc Reactor – Chest Piece

Stand out from the crowd @ fancy parties and look like your favourite superhero

Do you want to look like your favourite super hero’s at your next fancy dress party?

For Free?



This app offers Iron Man style Arc Reactor chest pieces ( Other brands are available 🙂 ), that can easily be displayed under your shirt.

Customise the size, position, and style of the Arc Reactor, as well as adjusting the screen brightness

As standard the app has 3 Arc Reactor styles  Should you find ‘Super Mode’ there are additional chest piece shapes that you can display under your shirt.

(If you know how to activate 101% mode on my slot machines then you got this one champ)


Securely tie you phone/tablet around your neck. This bit is for you to work out I offer no advice on how to do this, nor do I accept any responsibility for any mishaps.

Open the app. Press the back button. This will display the menu from which you can configure the display.

Arc Reactor Size : Adjust the size if you need the piece bigger or smaller

Arc Reactor Version : Different shapes and designs

Screen Brightness : Lower brightness means better battery life. The requirement for this depends on the thickness of the shirt and the ambient lighting conditions

Arc Reactor Position : Adjust the position vertically within the confines of the screen to best suite the shirt worn and position of the screen.

Play The Reels Click – ‘Save The World’

This will then display the Arc Reactor as requested. The screen will not go to sleep and touching the screen will do nothing, meaning it will stay on screen for as long as you need it.

Don’t worry if you need to make further adjustments press the back button, or press the home button to come out of the app.

“Good to see you again sir”

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