Helpful Guide & F.A.Q

Hello and welcome everyone,

This page will be for all the Current and New members with information on how to get started with the Reel World App and how you can get yourself involved!

On this page you will be able to find out:-

  • How to download the Reel World App
  • How to get other apps within Reel World App
  • The list of the current Community Slots
  • How to Join/Leave the tournaments
  • How to join our Facebook Groups
  • How you can Subscribe to the Reel World Slots channel on YouTube

Now that we have got the contents of the page sorted out, we will now get you started.

How Can I Get The Reel World App?

Firstly you will need either:-

  • Android Device
  • Amazon Tablet
  • Bluestacks
  • Sorry we do not have any on iOs at the moment

You can get the apps by going on the Google Play Store or Amazon Store and searching CAshman_eq or Reel World App and downloading the app.
(Please Note: It may not be available everywhere at moment)

From here after you have downloaded the Reel World App you will have to create a Username/Pin before you can start using the apps on your Mobile Device, PC/Laptop or Tablet.

If you are new to the scene of CAshman_eq Apps then first of all I would like to welcome you as you're in the right place to get started on the apps as we will guide you on how you can Register/Login.

Open up the Reel World App or any App that you have downloaded from the store and you will be greeted with the main interface from here you will be asked to Login but don't worry if you don't have an account yet as you will be able to create an account.

Click on 'Register An Account' and create a Username and a Pin as this will be your login information for all CAshman_eq Apps related.

After you have created an account you will automatically be logged into the app as the next time you go into the app, it'll automatically log you in but when you open a different app that you have downloaded, you will be asked to login so remember to use your Username and Pin to login and it'll welcome you to the app where you will be able to start playing the app.

How Do I Join/Leave Tournaments?

You can simply ask one of the group admins here but if you are not a member of the group please request to join it and once you are accepted into the group make a post and give us your Username and they will be happy to assist you by adding you in tournament in which you can start going against all the other players and trying for the top place.